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Wildly Beautiful

As I was walking into the car repair shop I thought to myself:

I am barely holding it together.

Unwashed, with my hair thrown up in an oily, messy bun, I sported mismatched sporty shorts, an old t-shirt, and my trusty Birkenstocks. In short, I felt gross.

A God of Love

Creator God –

You have sculpted each of us in the image of love. You have given us the power to share your love, or to lock it away, hidden even from ourselves. Sometimes we forget that the choice is ours – to take love, to give love, to be love.

Rooted in Love

Loving God, how perfectly our hearts are made for love. We know that our true identity is to embody Your love in our daily lives. 

God, we commit to You: Today I affirm to stand deeply rooted in Your love.