My name is Laura. I am on a spiritual journey and I hope you’ll join me.

My greatest desire is to pursue a meaningful life through deep reflection, authentic relationships, and time seeking the Spirit. I like to write down my thoughts and prayers which usually center around God’s all encompassing love for everyone. I also love creating and singing music that has language which points me to the Spirit’s love. My purpose is to be in a genuine relationship with God and those around me. Worship Leader @mosaicfumc at First United Methodist Church of Denton, TX.

Becoming Whole

Becoming Whole

God -

Once again we have come together in your name. Together – but have we yet become whole?

Your greatest commandments tell us to build relationships and community. To let love skip over no one. But perhaps our hearts, our minds, and our doors are not yet as open as you would have them be.

God, you have told us in so many ways that you are for each person. You made each person, you reside in each person. You love each person.

But who carries that love to the unloved? Who draws the circle so wide that we no longer see its edges? Who lends their face, their hands, and their heart to the Creator so that they may be filled with the spirit of life?

Have you asked yourself if you are for each person?

Hear these words by the ecofeminist writer and activist, Starhawk:

We are all longing to go home to some place we have never been – a place half-remembered and half-envisioned we can only catch glimpses of from time to time.
Somewhere, there are people to whom we can speak with passion without having the words catch in our throats.
Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us, eyes will light up as we enter, voices will celebrate with us whenever we come into our own power.
Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done.
Arms to hold us when we falter.
A circle of healing.
A circle of friends.
Someplace we can be free.
(Community Means Strength, Starhawk)

May we be the bearers of this community.


Photo by Steve Johnson 

A God of Love

A God of Love

Prayer for the Children

Prayer for the Children