My name is Laura. I am on a spiritual journey and I hope you’ll join me.

My greatest desire is to pursue a meaningful life through deep reflection, authentic relationships, and time seeking the Spirit. I like to write down my thoughts and prayers which usually center around God’s all encompassing love for everyone. I also love creating and singing music that has language which points me to the Spirit’s love. My purpose is to be in a genuine relationship with God and those around me. Worship Leader @mosaicfumc at First United Methodist Church of Denton, TX.

Loving Each Other Into Existence

Loving Each Other Into Existence

She sends me a text and tells me it will be ok.
He gives me a hug just when I need it most.
She looks in my eyes and sees me.
They wash my dishes and take out my trash.
He brings me a meal after my husband has surgery.
And its all love: an unconditional love that doesn’t ask for anything in return.

Beloved One, we know She is constantly creating opportunities for the good of all concerned, even when things go wrong. She allows and accommodates for all of human experience like nothing else. “Love flows unstoppably downward, around every obstacle- like water.” (Rohr) She seeks abundance not scarcity, redemption not retribution. She flows freely into the depths of our souls, if we let her. Love is the universal language and the energy that keeps showing itself despite our best efforts to resist.

So today, Oh Divine One, who showed us what true love is by washing the feet of his disciples, we ask you to help us follow your example. We take this time to think of one person in our lives that we can love into existence. We picture them in our minds eyes and we lift them up to you.

What can we do for them, without concern for reciprocation, this week?

How can we breathe love into their lives?

How do they need to be loved?

We commit to you today that we will be love in their life, that we can take our cue from you, the light of all humankind, and light their way home. That when we look at one of our siblings in Christ, no matter where they came from, no matter their background, story or identity, I will not see them, but I will see you, the love who lives within us all.

When all's said and done all that matters is love
So let love take over
Not just in part, but in all that You are
Let Your love take over

“Glimmer in the Dust,” Wonder, Hillsong United



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